My 'Return to Source Journey' at Bali Spirit Festival 2018

Welcome to a Rainbow Tribe !
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About two weeks ago I participated in a great festival that I would never and don’t want to forget, Bali Spirit Festival (BSF). 

The theme this year was "Return to Source" or, as we say it in Indonesian, is "Kembali ke Asal." Return to source is defined by the festival as a recognition of the unified inner life of all living things, the Being from which all beings arise, the consciousness that sees through every pair of eyes. It is the sacred silence found in deepest meditation. And it is the music that streams from heart-centered awareness to bless all with ears to hear.

I remember how excited I was when Yuliani, a media assistant manager in Bali Spirit Festival informed me that I was chosen as one of the official blogger for that international event. 

Wow, I was and am really into yoga, and Bali Spirit Festival is one of the largest yoga (dance and music) festivals in the world, and I was about to attend the event. Can you imagine how happy and excited I was??

Part of the venue, so green and fresh!

Okay, long story short, I flew to Bali with dear hubby. We were very casual for this trip. We only brought two backpacks with us (for eight days trip and only backpacks, no suitcases). We planned to buy clothes at the event since we’d heard that the festival would have many booths for yoga clothes, crafts, and food! We didn’t want to miss our chances to shop there, of course.

Once I stepped into Bali Spirit Festival venue at Yayasan Bali Purnati, I was stunned. The venue was sooo impressive - A lush tropical garden of manicured terraces, cool shade trees, and secret wellsprings to delight the senses.

At that moment, I instantly thought that THAT was the perfect place for me to connect with my inner self, to take a break from my daily routine as a mom, a daughter, a wife, and a worker. I just needed to return to my source and to enjoy everything in front of me right then. I felt blessed.

At first, for a few hours, I did not take part in any classes. I merely wanted to enjoy the ambience of the festival. So I took a walk sightseeing and, of course, didn’t forget eating, hahaha.. Loved all the healthy and yummy food there!

Kids at Bali Spirit Festival 2018

This place was like a "Kampung Yoga Warna-warni" or "Colorful Yoga Kampong" to me and we were all like members of a "Rainbow Tribe." I loved the atmosphere, the color, the friendly faces, and everything.

This festival was not only for adults, I also saw children enjoying their time. There was a special place for children where they could spend their time playing, crafting, and painting. So, it was a child-friendly festival, too.

Bali Spirit Festival was abundant with classes, from yoga, meditation, dance, martial arts, healing, to seminars. There was a day-to-night fair selling crafts, local souvenirs, healthy food, clothings and more. We could also enjoy the community vibe and unique shopping experience with huge line-ups of daytime and nighttime music.

The last day was the iconic Community Day called "Hari Cinta Keluarga" where locals and participants from all around the world could come to the festival just by paying special rate.

Btw, before I share more stories to you about this festival, let me tell you a short story of mine. I’ve been practicing yoga for, I don’t know, maybe about ten years already, along with other exercises such as Zumba and Aerobic. Honestly, I liked yoga but never felt like this was the right exercise for me until about two years ago when I had this health condition. 

A few years after my third child was born, I experienced pain in my stomach, it would last for about three weeks every month! Could you imagine that I only had a week of 'calmness'? I had consulted with more than 3 doctors and all of them suggested me to undergo a surgery. The surgery was to remove my womb, to be exact. And God, I was not prepared for that and a doctor told me another solution that was to take painkiller every time I felt the pain and, it means, I would need to take painkillers religiously almost every day. Again, I refused to do so. I did not want to grow addiction to painkillers.

While I was in pain, I could neither do zumba nor aerobic, Yoga was the only exercise available and do-able for me. So I practiced yoga more regularly. And the result was beyond my expectation. Within a month, I had less stomach-pain. From three weeks to two weeks. Over time, it became less and less. Now, the pain only occurs on the first day of my period. My life becomes easier and, of course, I am happier.

So, coming to this BSF was like a gift I gave to myself for being healthier and happier. I enjoyed every moment I was there. The classes were superb, I even had hard time deciding which classes to attend. The music, the arts were breathtaking. The food and drink only made me enjoying the festival even more.
Coming to Bali Spirit Festival is like a gift i gave to myself for being healthier and happier

I also met some of the presenters and performers who were and are really inspirational human-beings.

I met Ebony, a very inspirative woman who taught me to thank myself, my body, etc. Yoga is not about yogini body or perfect asanas. Yoga is about health, life, and the balance of your mind and body. Practicing Yoga is supposed to make you happy, not to make you hate your body.

Read my article about Ebony and her Yoga in Da Hood, soon, in this blog and also at

One of my favorite workshop was one with Bude Novi. In her session I once again learned about 'suwung' or 'ikhlas' or sincere. She taught me to be more sincere in order to pursuit my dreams. 

Bude Novi's session.

Music and arts became very prominent courses in this festival. Yoga accompanied by music, various dances with music, tabla (drumming) performers, local bands, as well as international bands performed non-stop and alternately.

Last but not least was the music and dance performance by Indonesian students that was equally awesome and made the atmosphere of the festival more memorable.

Some of the presenters/performers at the BSF press conference
Music performance at night.

Great traditional dance and music performance by local students

Ok, there is actually more that I want to share with you about the BSF. I’ll continue my story on my next article. Just look forward to it… 


  1. I really like the island of Bali. There are many places of interest besides the beach. And I feel very proud to be an Indonesian citizen who has many places of Tourism and culture in each region.

    1. yup, Bali is one of my fav place, too :)

  2. I'm not surprised if Mbak Zata were invited to that special international occasion, because you are also a special person :).
    The show is amazing, yes :)

  3. mba baca tulisanmu aja aku kebawa positive vibesnya selama kamu di sana. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Iyes, sometimes we need to take a break from daily routines ya mba.. Aku jadi kangen Baliii.. :)

  5. Seruuu acara seperti ini ...
    Para wisatawan asing berbaur jadi satu, bikin tambah menarik diikuti 👍

  6. Human Being Gathering.. I love this ambiance