Hi, I’m Yasmin Zata Ligouw (but, you can call me Zata), a full-time mama and part-time worker who trying to do it all  : to be the best mom for my children, the best (and hottest) wife of my husband ;p, the best daughter for my parents, the best BFF for my wonderful friends, the best worker for my clients, etc..etc..

I love blogging since Geocities era *LOL* (oops,
jadi ketauan tuanya..). I’m the author of this blog, a blog about my journey to become a superhero mama - who i am not. This blog devoted also to family things, crafts and decoration project i loved, fitness, healthy lifestyle, motivation, photography, videography, organizing, etc.

I am an Offline Activation Manager at theurbanmama.com, senior contributor at SahabatCewek.com, freelance Indonesian Language Instructor, (script)writer, crafter, and MOMPRENEUR WANNABE :)

"There is no way to be a superhero mama...BUT a million ways to be a good one"


Diary of a (not) Superhero Mama with the domain www.zataligouw.com is a lifestyle blog written by me. As you may read in the ABOUT area, this blog is my place to write and record anything i like such as kids activities, crafts, fitness, products, photography, etc.

Some posts in this blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, and other forms of compensation, BUT one thing i can promise, this compensation will never influence the content and topics i write in this blog. I will never write and recommend any product or service that me myself and my family will never use or wear.

If you have any questions about the article, sponsorship, endorsement, etc, please contact me at zataku@gmail. com